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Sports Research introduces a refreshing new look for its supplements at Expo West

Sports Research Rebrand

Sports Research is one of the supplement companies exhibiting at this year’s Expo West convention in Anaheim, and it has one of the more prominent displays. Better yet, the brand has brought plenty of excitement and innovation to the event, including a fresh new look. If you head to its website over at, you’ll see its current familiar branding, where most items feature a strong black background.

You can check out Sports Research’s modern rebrand debuted at Expo West in the image above and below, which is clearly quite a bit different. We almost didn’t recognize the brand as the signature initials logo is no longer a key part, and the information is not displayed anywhere near the same. It really brings a mainstream or general feel to Sports Research, making it more welcoming and appealing to a broader audience.

Sports Research has unveiled and introduced its refreshed look at Expo West with many of its supplements on display wrapped in the new design, although, as mentioned, it’s not what you’ll currently see on its website. The brand does plan to roll it out in the near future in sort of a staggering strategy, updating the representation as items with the previous design run out; in fact, on Amazon, some listings have already been changed.

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