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Swedish Summer is back for GAAM Energy in the lead up to another summer in Sweden

Swedish Summer Back For Gaam Energy

With Sweden approaching the sunny summer season, house brand GAAM Nutrition from Proteinbolaget has brought back a special edition flavor it introduced around this time last year for one of its many popular products. The refreshing experience available once again from the relatively busy brand is Swedish Summer, fitting, of course, for this time of the year, and it is for the popular, energizing functional beverage, GAAM Energy.

Thankfully Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition have provided a description for Swedish Summer, leaving little to the imagination, with the refreshing recipe bringing together the sweet taste of strawberry and a complementing touch of rhubarb. The product is already in stock and available from Proteinbolaget’s website in all of its usual purchase options of single cans, cases of 24, and a slightly more cost-effective 48-pack.