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James English has put together his own version of the packed-out pre-workout Gorilla Mode

Teaser For Gorilla Mode James English Edition

Gorilla Mind has put together some interesting supplements over the years, although its next one is quite special and not something we’ve seen the brand do before in the time we’ve followed it. The reputable company that spans many different categories, from nootropic and gaming through to pre-workout and protein powder, appears to have put together a collaboration version of its signature stimulant pre-workout.

Gorilla Mode is the well-dosed entry from Gorilla Mind for the highly competitive pre-workout category, and it’s not short on highlights, with a huge 9g of pure citrulline for pumps, 1.5g of tyrosine for focus, half a gram of kanna, and 350mg of caffeine to drive energy. Gorilla Mode is about to get a special edition version produced in partnership with its premier ambassador James English, and it won’t feature the same formula.

While Gorilla Mind and James Enligh’s collaboration will still bear the title “Gorilla Mode”, as you can see in the image above, it has been confirmed to feature its own individual combination of ingredients, including beta-alanine, which is not in the original. Interestingly, it looks as though the description on the tub has a word followed by “stim pre-workout formula”, and that has us suspecting it might say “high stim pre-workout formula”.

We’ll have to wait for the full reveal to find out completely what we’re getting from Gorilla Mind and James English’s Gorilla Mode pre-workout, but the confirmation of an alternative set of ingredients certainly has us excited. The supplement is still said to be a while away from launch, with the above teaser image shared alongside the date 03.27.2023, so March 27th, which is a little more than two weeks away from today.