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Retailer and brand Tsunami launches all of its whey proteins in a Stracciatella flavor

Tsunami Nutrition Stracciatella Whey Protein Powder

Italian supplement company Tsunami Nutrition is both a retailer that stocks many different brands on its website alongside its own line of products, similar to other European giants like XXL Nutrition and Body & Fit. Tsunami’s own family of supplements is by no means small either, spanning all sorts of types, categories, and formats, including the highly-saturated space of protein powder, where it has many different competitors.

Tsunami Nutrition has dropped a fresh new flavor this month, and it’s actually gone to the three whey products it has in the protein powder space; the whey concentrate-based WheyPure, the isolate-fueled IsolatePure, and HydroPure powered by hydrolyzed whey. The option the brand has added to each of the menus of those supplements is Stracciatella, a classic Italian gelato flavor with shreds of chocolate in milky ice cream.

Fans of Tsunami Nutrition in Europe can purchase the new Stracciatella flavor of WheyPure, IsolatePure, and HydroPure from the brand’s website in all of their sizes, from the 500g pouch to the more common 2lb tub and the much larger, more cost-effective 4.4lber or 2kg jug.