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UXO expands more specifically into hydration in its electrolyte formula AquaSpike

Uxo Supplements Aqua Spike

Another sports nutrition brand has entered the growing category of hydration in UXO Supplements, which is something it touches on a bit in its intra-workout Charlie Mike, although that is primarily an amino. AquaSpike is the brand’s hydration product, and being a dedicated formula, it has a much more focused and advanced formula to achieve better hydration and performance, and it is somewhat simple.

UXO Supplements’ AquaSpike provides key electrolytes from sources like potassium citrate and pink Himalayan sea salt, including 250mg of sodium and 418mg of chloride, and it has 90mg of vitamin C. Like most specialist hydration products, the aim of AquaSpike is to replenish the nutrients lost during intense physical activity, leading to better performance and recovery, and all wrapped up in a great-tasting powder supplement.

AquaSpike has hit the market with two flavors to choose from, both refreshingly fruit-themed in Raspberry Blast and Pink Lemonade. You can grab either of them directly from UXO Supplements’ online store at regular price of $29.99 for a larger tub of 45 servings, not the usual 30 or even 20, and it does come in that bulk bottle format, not the common and convenient hydration approach of single-serving stick packs.