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Viterna increases and adds for its sequel to Gladiator Blood including more caffeine

Viterna Gladiator Blood 2

A few years ago, Swedish brand Viterna decided to move into the highly-competitive category of pre-workouts, which in that part of the world has become even more advanced this past year or so. To keep up with other supplements in the space and give fans a more modern experience in the gym, the brand has revamped and relaunched Gladiator Blood, its pre-workout, making many improvements to create Gladiator Blood 2.0.

Viterna’s Gladiator Blood 2.0 pre-workout has every ingredient from the original minus creatine and the amino acid valine, although most of those components are not at the same dosage. It is the amounts of the carried-over ingredients where the sequel supplement steps things up for a better experience. You still get 3g of beta-alanine for performance, a gram of taurine, the same 200mg of theanine, and 2g of arginine but HCl not AKG.

Viterna Gladiator Blood 2 Label

The significantly bigger differences in the sequel Gladiator Blood 2.0 start with double the citrulline malate at 6g, up from 3g for better pumps and performance, and added ginseng and guarana. The caffeine has been ramped up as well, and similar to the citrulline malate, by a substantial amount to a powerful total of 370mg a serving, versus 2.0’s predecessor at 300mg, giving it an undoubtedly stronger kick and level of energy.

Viterna is launching its new and improved pre-workout Gladiator Blood 2.0 in six flavors, far more than your typical two or three with Passionfruit, Watermelon, Apple, Berry, and the strawberry recipes, Strawberry Peach and Strawberry Mango. The supplement is due to be rolling out to all of the Swedish brand’s many different stores and stockists, and it’ll have the same amount of maximum servings per tub as the original at 20.