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Warrior in the UK gets on the fruity protein trend with four refreshing flavors to choose from

Warrior Fruity Whey Isolate

The trend of fruity and refreshing protein powders has ripped through the industry, with several sports nutrition brands now including it as a permanent offering in the highly competitive category. The UK and Europe is home to more of that type of supplement than anywhere else; in fact, we’ve seen several brands put a twist on it, doing things like a fruit-flavored high-calorie gainer and even a clear, fruity meal replacement.

The sports nutrition company behind the delicious and popular Warrior Crunch protein bar, simply named Warrior, has joined in on the fun and finally put together its take on the trend with Fruity Whey Isolate. It is a clean and premium protein powder providing 22.5g of protein per serving, all from high-quality whey isolate, alongside 250mcg of carbohydrates, a fraction of sugar at 100mg, 250mg of fat, and a lean 94 calories.

The nutrition profile of Warrior’s Fruity Whey Isolate is typical for a whey isolate-powered supplement, but in this sort of protein powder, the flavors are the more important part. The product has four options on its menu, all following that clear and refreshing theme in Blue Raspberry, Sour Apple, Pineapple, and a classic Fruit Punch, and they’re available directly from the brand’s website at £19.99 for a tub of 15 servings.