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Project AD dips back into the world of functional food in its cream of rice Hangry Joe’s

Anabolic Designs Hangry Joes Cream Of Rice

Project AD or Anabolic Designs is known for its sports nutrition supplements, including popular category items like the amino cocktail Aminotaur, the intense fat burner Shredabull, and the powerhouse pre-workouts Nitr-Ox and Stampede. Uncharacteristically, the brand has gone outside of sports nutrition and into functional and nutrition-focused products with the fat-blocking nut butter Professor Nutz and now Hangry Joe’s Hot Rice Cereal.

Hangry Joe’s from Project AD is a cream of rice that’s branded completely different from anything else it has on the market, as you can see in the image above. Like most cream of rice products out there, the brand keeps things relatively straightforward for Hangry Joe’s Hot Rice Cereal. It combines fine long grain rice and brown rice protein providing 34 to 35g of carbohydrates with 2 to 3g of that fiber, 5g of protein, and a fitting calorie count of 170.

Project AD has also included a few ingredients for taste in Hangry Joe’s with natural flavor, sucralose, and cinnamon, with two options on its menu in a fresh and fruity Lemon Berry and something a bit more fitting for breakfast in Maple Drizzle. The brand’s latest dive into the world of functional food and nutritious supplements is available over on its website at $24.95 for a tub of 12 servings, each providing those macros mentioned.