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Save a huge 40% with Ascent’s Costco-exclusive 5lb bag of Native Fuel Whey

Ascent Protein 5lb Native Fuel At Costco

Protein specialist Ascent Protein has a variety of protein supplements available, including three in the traditional powder format with Micellar Casein, the vegan-friendly Plant Protein, and Native Fuel Whey. The star competitor for the brand in the saturated category is Native Fuel Whey, a protein powder featuring the supremely premium native whey isolate, regular isolate, and whey concentrate to provide 25g of protein a serving.

Directly from Ascent Protein, through its online store, Native Fuel Whey is available in 2lb and 4lb bags, and for those after a more convenient option, there is a box of 15 single-serving sachets. The brand has now put together a slightly bigger size of the supplement, 25% more than the 4lb, tipping the scales at 5lbs. It has all of the same ingredients and clean nutrition, but a huge 58 servings a bag in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.

Another key feature of Ascent Protein’s 5lb bag of Native Fuel Whey is that it’s exclusive to Costco, and with that comes significantly better value than the 4lber’s direct price of $74.99. From Costco, the new and bigger 5lb size of the supplement is $55.99, giving you 25% more for about 25% less. If you compare the cost per serving, the difference is substantial, with Costco’s massive 5lb being 40% cheaper than the 4lb.