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Stim-free BEAM pre-workout is finally getting another flavor next week

Beam Pink Lemonade Stimulant Free Pre Workout

Premium brand BEAM has done something we tend to see more often than completely new supplements from it, announcing another flavor for one of its already available products that is due to be available in the coming days. The brand is giving the stimulant-free spin-off of its original well-rounded pre-workout the attention on this occasion, which is sorely needed as the supplement still only has one flavor to choose from.

BEAM launched its appropriately named Stimulant Free Pre-Workout in a flavor from the regular Pre-Workout with Watermelon Candy. For the second taste of the supplement, the brand is sticking with that theme and taking another flavor from its stimulant-powered product. Due to become available in about five days on Wednesday of next week is a Pink Lemonade Stimulant Free Pre-Workout going live at

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