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Believe saves fans 15% in its more than twice as large 70 serving tub of Superfoods+Greens

Believe Supplements 70 Servings Superfood 1

Believe Supplements in Canada recently downsized its original concentrated flavoring product, Flavor, which is designed to be thrown into smoothies or stacked with supplements to add the desired taste. The brand restocked the product back in February, although instead of having 75 servings a tub like before, it dropped down to 60, and that is kind of what it’s just done to Superfoods+Greens but the other way around.

Superfoods+Greens is a relatively self-explanatory product from Believe Supplements, as it is indeed packed full of superfood ingredients, and up until this week, it only had a typical size to choose from in a tub of 30 servings. Now available directly from the brand, through its online store, is a more cost-effective value option, with more than twice the servings at 70 for twice the price, which works out to around 15% cheaper.

The only downside to Believe Supplements’ much larger tub of Superfoods+Greens is that it doesn’t have quite as many flavors to choose from in three versus the original’s seven, and those tastes are Pineapple Mango, Strawberry Banana, and Citrus Blast. You can purchase the more cost-effective size of the brand’s superfood product directly from its online store at $89.99 (66.02 USD) versus the 30 serving at $44.99.