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Six months later Black Magic reveals the fromula behind its upcoming sleep aid

Black Magic Dusk To Dawn

Black Magic has shared the formula behind its upcoming nighttime supplement familiarly named Dusk To Dawn, similar, of course, to Apollon Nutrition’s incredibly powerful sleep product, From Dusk Till Dawn. Like most competitors in the nighttime category, Black Magic has designed its entry to help you get to sleep, improve your quality of sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and recovered, and fully prepared for another workout.

Dusk To Dawn from Black Magic doesn’t feature a supremely lengthy formula, especially compared to the likes of From Dusk Till Dawn, mentioned above. It brings together a handful of reliable components to get the job of a better night’s sleep, done, and the brand has included them at respectable dosages, enough to provide a noticeable effect.

Black Magic Dusk To Dawn Label

Filling out each of Black Magic’s Dusk To Dawn’s 30 servings a bottle is a precise 16.6mg of theacrine, 175mg of valerian root, 250mg of 5-HTP, a rarely seen ingredient in cocculus laurifolius at 1.034g, and the tried and true melatonin, at 2mg a serving. Again the primary goal of the supplement is to support and improve your sleep, in turn resulting in better overall rest and muscle recovery, and waking up feeling refreshed.

Black Magic first previewed Dusk To Dawn many months ago, in October of last year, which was about half a year ago, and only now has it revealed the formula. We still don’t know exactly when it is going to become available, but with the latest update, at least it’s clear the nighttime supplement is still happening and should be here sooner rather than later.