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Bodybuilding Teases Elite Pre Workout

The online giant is known for its great selection of brands and sports nutrition products, and for the longest time, it has had its own line of supplements under the Signature Series. The selection of products in the family has evolved over the years, and it’s always covered popular categories like protein powder, functional food with a bar, and, of course, pre-workout with the likes of Scream. now appears to be gearing up for the release of another supplement under its own brand, although not much information is available at the moment. All we know or can speculate is the product is coming in what looks to be a pre-workout-style bottle, as you can see in the image above. It’s also being promoted alongside individuals working out, which is enough for us to suspect a pre-workout is what we’re getting.

We have no idea about what sort of ingredients plans on putting in the mysterious, upcoming supplement, but it is arriving shortly, and clearly, the retailer and brand is hyping it a fair bit. Generally, when someone makes this much effort, it’s for a significant type of product, and the pre-workout space fits that bill, so we look forward to seeing what it turns out to be and where all the excitement leads.

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