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Premier Ultimate Pre takes everything that’s in’s Stim Free and adds energy and focus

Bodybuilding Ultimate Pre

Following the recent release of’s first two premium Elite Series supplements in Stim Free Ultimate Pre and the daily muscle builder Power+BCAA, the retailer and brand has dropped the third. It turns out there is a stimulant-powered version of Stim Free Ultimate Pre, simply named Ultimate Pre, and it has several ingredients in common with the energyless product but several additional components for energy and focus.

The regular Ultimate Pre is essentially’s more comprehensive pre-workout solution under its Elite Series, packed full of ingredients for energy, focus, muscle pumps, and performance. As mentioned, the stimulant-backed Ultimate Pre has many of the same ingredients as Stim Free Ultimate Pre; in fact, every component in the stimulantless alternative is in Ultimate at the same amount, except for one.

The features has carried over to its complete Elite Series Ultimate Pre includes 6g of pure citrulline, 2.5g of betaine, and 1.5g of Nitrosigine to fuel the pump portion of the experience. Then 3.2g of high-quality CarnoSyn beta-alanine and 450mg of PeakATP for performance. The only difference is Stim Free Ultimate Pre has 2g of GlycerSize, while Ultimate Pre has GlycerSize but at half the amount at a gram a serving.

Bodybuilding Elite Ultimate Pre Label

To ensure Ultimate Pre delivers the comprehensive experience it intends to, has paired that Stim Free Ultimate Pre formula with a gram of taurine, focus-supporting tyrosine also at a gram, 50mg of Cognizin-branded citicoline, and 20mcg of huperzine A. To round it all off, the brand has packed the supplement with a solid amount of caffeine at 300mg, all rolling together for a well-rounded pre-workout experience.

Not surprisingly,’s Elite Series Ultimate Pre does cost a bit more than Stim-Ultimate Pre, coming in about 25% more expensive at $49.99 for a tub of the same amount of maximum servings at 24. Fortunately, there is a sale at the moment, where Ultimate Pre is discounted by 20%, dropping it to the same price as the stimulant-free version at $39.99 in two flavors, Blue Slushie and Rainbow Sherbet.