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Dom Mazzetti and BroScience put 18g of protein and 4g of net carbs into jacked gummy bears

Brosciencelife Gym Candy

The legendary and original fitness influencer Dom Mazzetti and his popular comedy YouTube channel BroScienceLife, have launched a delicious new way to eat protein, and we have seen something like this before, but it is extremely intriguing nonetheless. BroScienceLife has introduced Gym Candy, a delicious gummy-style candy that is packed full of protein, low in net carbohydrates, and is described as the world’s finest bro candy.

The nutrition profile on a bag of BroScienceLife’s Gym Candy is rather impressive, at 18g of protein primarily from gelatin, which is essentially a cooked collagen, alongside a gram of fat, 100 calories, and, as mentioned, supremely low net carbohydrates. The product has 22g of carbs in a bag, with 14g of that being the natural sugar alternative allulose and 4g of the artificial sweetener erythritol, leaving a solid 4g of net carbohydrates.

Brosciencelife Gummy Bear

The extra special part about BroScienceLife’s protein-packed Gym Candy is the shape of them, as they are gummy bears, but not the classic cuddly kind. Gym Candy’s gummy bears have been given a muscular twist, where they’re in the same sort of position as a traditional gummy bear with pecs, a carved-out six-pack, and guns, really reinforcing the bro candy approach.

BroScienceLife has set up a dedicated online store for its promising, high-protein gummy candy Gym Candy in It has three fruity tastes to choose from, all relatively straightforward, classic recipes in Watermelon, Lemonade, and the multi-fruit flavor, Tropical. Through the brand and product’s separate website, you’ll pay $15.99 for a pack of three bags in any single flavor or pay $44.99 and get three of each taster.