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Bucked Up introduces its Nitrosigine-powered melt-in-your-mouth pre-workout Pixie Pump

Bucked Up Pixie Pump

Bucked Up has created another supplement for the competitive pre-workout category, separate from the many others it has in its lineup and designed for one specific benefit in the world of pre-workouts in enhancing muscle pumps. More interestingly, the popular and widely available brand has put together the product in a specific format with single-serving stick packs to make it easier to have on the go.

Pixie Pump is Bucked Up’s convenient new pump pre-workout, with a name, format, and way of taking it, that really plays off the classic candy Pixy Sticks. Pixie Pump comes in single-serving stick packs, and you don’t throw it in water like almost every other powder supplement. You simply tear the end off of the product, throw it in your mouth, and it melts on your tongue for a genuinely candy-like Pixy Stick experience.

Bucked Up Pixie Pump Stick

The formula powering Bucked Up’s Pixie Pump is relatively straightforward, relying on two key ingredients to elevate and enhance muscle pumps during your workout. Each stick comes with 750mg of premium Nitrosigine and 250mg of agmatine. The supplement is also made with 2g of dextrose and 5g of allulose for a total of 7g of carbohydrates, which will undoubtedly deliver the taste you’d expect.

Bucked Up has launched its pump-powering, candy-like Pixie Pump pre-workout at GNC in four flavors, with Blood Raz, Sour Gummy, Watermelon, and Rocket Pop. The creative supplement and its unique melt-on-your-tongue experience is rather pricey at $39.99 for a box of 24 single-serving stick packs, and it can be stacked with the brand’s other pre-workouts, including its other pump-dedicated product, Pump-ocalypse.