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Dynamine announced as the title sponsor for this year’s Clash Of The Cans

Clash Of The Cans Powered By Dynamine

Our fifth annual energy drink showdown, Clash Of The Cans, is kicking off on the 15th of May, where we go through four rounds of voting to find the most popular energizing beverage with our audience. We started the contest back in 2019 when we saw how supportive and driven people were toward their preferred energy drink; we then created the annual competition for passionate fans and followers to show their support.

The original Clash Of The Cans champion was C4 Energy, then Reign Total Body Fuel took home the title, and the for the last couple of years, it has been RAZE Energy sitting on the throne. This year it is going to be an incredibly competitive contest thanks to the many newcomers in the category, and to make it that extra bit special, we have our first Clash Of The Cans title sponsor, similar to what we did for Protein Wars in 2022.

We specifically didn’t want any finished product brand as the title sponsor for Clash Of The Cans, as it would just seem off or odd to us. Instead, we partnered with a premium and proven ingredient that is known for its ability to elevate and enhance energy in Compound Solutions’ Dynamine. For 2023 it is Clash Of The Cans Powered By Dynamine, a perfect fit for the position of title sponsor, as Dynamine can already be found in several sports nutrition supplements and beverages for its energizing benefits.

Once again, Clash Of The Cans, Powered By Dynamine, is starting in a little less than four weeks on Monday, the 15th of May, where we’ll have around 100 energy drinks to vote on in the all-out opening round. There will be a box to enter your favorite energy drink if it’s not on the list to vote, but if you’d like to see one on there that isn’t, head to this post, look over the entries, and let us know if there are deserving products missing.

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