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Good Night puts the growing international Elev Global into the sleep category

Elev Global Good Night

Elev Global has been adding to its selection of sports nutrition supplements since its debut, and not just bits and pieces here and there; it’s been drastically expanding, entering several different categories. The brand now stands with an extensive variety of products, most of them being more simpler, straightforward items, but every now and then, it tackles a more complex space, and we have another one of those for you today.

The growing international brand Elev Global has introduced Good Night, a nighttime-specific supplement to help you get a better night’s sleep. It doesn’t have the loaded list of ingredients and dosages you get in many of the sleep aids here in the US, but it does rely on some common components. Most of the formula is filled with amino acids, including the likes of glutamine, arginine, lysine, and ornithine, around or below 1g.

Alongside those various amino acids, Elev Global has packed Good Night with a few of those familiar nighttime ingredients we were talking about, such as theanine at 120mg, ZMA, tryptophan at 300mg, and 180mg of valerian root. The classic sleep components GABA and melatonin are in the mix as well, although not in massive amounts, with 450mg and close to half a gram at 600mcg, respectively.

Elev Global is launching Good Night this month with 25 servings a tub, giving you enough to have it every night for three and a half weeks, or if you’d like to spread it out, you can have it five or six nights of the week, and it’ll get you through a typical 30-day month. The sleep aid isn’t in capsule format but flavored powder, with four tastes to choose from in Orange, Cola, and the nighttime-suited options Elderflower and Black Tea.