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EndurElite creates a hydration product specifically for its endurance-training audience

Endurelite Hydrate Elite

Not all hydration supplements are created equal; while they mostly center around electrolytes, it is in that balance of electrolytes that a lot of them differ, whether it be not enough, too much of one, or too little of another. The endurance brand EndurElite has announced its entry into the massively growing hydration space, and it has worked hard to put together something specifically for its long-performing and demanding fans.

EndurElite has introduced Hydrate Elite, which is designed entirely for individuals that work out and exercise in an endurance style, such as runners and cyclist that train for hours on end. It has its benefits for other situations and approaches, but again, the brand is not hiding the fact it has built Hydrate Elite for those sorts of people, and that is its loyal fan base; as mentioned, EndurElite specializes in endurance and performance products.

Endurelite Hydrate Elite Label

Hydrate Elite from EndurElite comes with critical electrolytes, coconut water, Himalayan sea salt, and vitamins to deliver a supplement that drastically improves hydration, regulates fluid balance, and replaces electrolytes lost in sweat. The product proudly promotes that it has a huge 1.128g of combined electrolytes, and according to the back of Hydrate Elite’s packaging, that is three times the amount in a leading sports drink.

EndurElite has taken the convenient route with its endurance and performance athlete’s hydration supplement, putting each of Hydrate Eilte’s servings into stick packs to have out and about and on the go. You can grab a bag of 20 servings directly from the brand’s online store at at a price of $23.99 — $1.20 a serving — in four classic fruity flavors with Raspberry Lemonade, Grape, Lemon Lime, and a citrusy Orange.