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Exotic Kiwi confirmed as the second debut flavor of Gorilla Mind Energy

Exotic Kiwi Gorilla Mind Energy Drink

The hype and excitement continue this week as we approach the highly-anticipated launch of Gorilla Mind’s energy and focus-enhancing beverage Gorilla Mind Energy. Last week one of its first four flavors was revealed in Arctic White, and the full formula was announced with 400mg of alpha-GPC, 1g of NALT, and 200mg of caffeine. With just a few days until the energy drink comes to market, a second flavor has been uncovered.

When Gorilla Mind Energy finally becomes available for purchase in precisely five days, on Monday of next week, there will be Arctic White, the latest flavor to be announced, Exotic Kiwi, and two others that have yet to be named. Exotic Kiwi is an all-out sweet kiwifruit experience, which is not something you often see — a flavor entirely dedicated to kiwi — and it’s an interesting choice as one of Gorilla Mind’s first four.

Once again, Gorilla Mind is releasing its promising Gorilla Mind Energy on Monday, the 17th of this month, through, and while there is no word on price yet, we can’t imagine the beverage being too far off your typical energy drink base on how well the brand prices its supplements.