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Fit Kit puts together a best-selling bundle and it’s only available at Ozon

Fit Kit Hello Box

As we’ve already mentioned many times in the past few weeks, on ever occasion the brand released something, functional food company Fit Kit has been extremely busy this year, dropping all sorts of creative and innovative snacks. The brand’s most recent effort is Rainwow, a better-for-you take on the classic marshmallow spread with significantly lower calories and a rainbow of separately stacked flavors inside the jar.

To keep the fun and excitement here in 2023 rolling, Fit Kit has another drop for fans; although you can’t get this one from its online store, in fact, there is only one place you can purchase it. The product is the Hello Box, a bundle of the brand’s best-selling functional foods. The box set includes Fit Kit’s Extra Protein Bar, Protein Cream Duo, Protein Cookie, the delicious Protein Chocoron, and, of course, its signature Protein Cake.

The idea behind the Hello Box is it’s the ideal introduction to Fit Kit and its extensive family of tasty protein treats, giving newcomers, or even those that are already fans, the chance to try one of each of the best the brand has to offer. There are free stickers in the bundle as well as what Fit Kit calls its a secret item, and once again, you can’t get the Hello Box everywhere, it is actually exclusive to the Russian marketplace Ozon.

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