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Fit Kit recreates the classic marshmallow spread but with significantly lower calories

Fit Kit Rainwow Low Calorie Marshmallow Spread

Fit Kit has been relentless this year, releasing several creative and innovative functional foods, Fitstick Crispy, Hazels, and Donut Protein Cake with a donut at the base, to name a few. The Russian company continues its impressive run in the last week of March with Rainwow, and while those other items were extremely intriguing to read about and sound like an interesting experience, Rainwow is another step up.

Rainwow is Fit Kit’s marshmallow spread, similar to the classic Fluff soft and smooth marshmallow spread, but of course, coming from the functional food company, the nutrition is significantly better. While 30g of Fluff’s signature product has 25g of carbohydrates, 15g of that sugar, and 100 calories, the same amount of Rainwow goes ridiculously below that at 10.8g of carbs, virtually no fat, and around 40% of the calories at 42.

We’ve seen an incredibly large variety of treats, snacks, and foods with high-protein, low-calorie, and other functional twists, but none of which we can recall recreated the traditional marshmallow spread. Fit Kit makes things even more interesting and exciting by giving its promising Rainwow marshmallow spread a combination of neatly stacked colors to match its flavors in white, pink, yellow, orange, and purple.

The taste of Fit Kit’s low-calorie and better-for-you Rainwow marshmallow spread is indeed as diverse as the colors, bringing together a mix of coconut, pineapple, strawberry, and blueberry, and it sounds pretty tasty if it’s all paired with the familiar sweetness of marshmallow. The colorful Rainbow is available in Fit Kit’s home country of Russia, including through its online store, where a light but filling 100g jar will cost you 100₽ (1.31 USD).

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