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Premium Protos Whey gets a breakfast touch in a mix of pancakes and syrup

Glaxon Pancakes And Syrup Protos Whey

This past weekend, Glaxon launched or, more specifically, brought back a previously released flavor of its top-tasting superfood supplement Super Greens, with the return of the apricot and plum recipe, Dino Fruit. Alongside that product, the reputable sports nutrition specialist has snuck out another flavor extension, although not for Super Greens, but its extremely advanced and premium protein powder Protos Whey.

Glaxon’s Protos Whey packs a solid nutrition profile thanks to whey isolate being its primary source, but alongside that, the supplement comes with Velositol to drive muscle protein synthesis, NeoShield, Prohydrolase to improve digestion and more. The new taste the brand has put together for that product is a classic breakfast option in Pancakes N’ Syrup, packing 23g of protein a serving and 130 calories a serving.

It is worth noting that Glaxon’s Pancakes N’ Syrup flavor of Protos Whey comes in the supplement’s smaller size, not the larger original, similar to Raspberry Cheesecake Protos Whey from last month. Fans can grab Pancakes N’ Syrup Protos Whey straight from the brand’s website at at $34.99, which is actually more cost-effective than the bigger Protos Whey with 21 servings, as it carries a price of $59.99.

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