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Protos Whey is getting another flavor alongside Specimen Genesis and revamped Plasm Surge

Glaxon Raspberry Cheesecake Protos Whey

Glaxon is dropping a whole bunch of products today, far more than what we usually see from the reputable, specialized brand, with one at a time, although if it’s flavored, usually there are a few flavors to choose from. The key supplements making their debut are a revamped version of Glaxon’s pump pre-workout Plasm Surge, now featuring Nitrosigine, and the hybrid pre-workout Specimen Genesis enhanced with goBHB.

Again, the revamped Plasm Surge and the newest member of the Specimen family of pre-workouts are the significant entries in the Glaxon drop, but there is something else that’s been tucked in there. The brand has also crafted a sweet-sounding flavor of its first-ever protein powder, the complex and advanced Protos Whey, loaded with premium ingredients like PeptoPro and Velositol, and the flavor is Raspberry Cheesecake.

From what we know, the product is going live today through Glaxon’s online store at for the same price as any other flavor of Protos Whey or even Protos Vegan, for that matter, at $59.99. Raspberry Cheesecake is a nice addition to the menu of the protein powder, joining Chocolate Milk, Cookies and Cream, and another sweet, fruit-themed flavor in Strawberry Milk.

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