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Fourzer0seven creates a flavor with Glitch that promises a fusion of fruity delights

Glitch X Fourzer9seven Froozerade

Gaming brand Glitch is one of the more advanced competitors in the hugely popular gaming space, using more than a simple set of ingredients in its signature supplement to deliver the common benefits of energy and focus. The product is also available in a nice selection of flavors, many of those being collaborations put together in partnership with ambassadors such as BigJigglyPanda’s Panda Punch and BigPuffer’s Puffer Paradise.

This coming Friday, Glitch is at it again, partnering with another major streamer and ambassador in Fourzer0seven. The two have come together and created a flavor named Froozerade, which is described as a refreshing fusion of fruity delights. As we’ve seen in some of Glitch’s other collaborations, Froozerade hasn’t just been put together for the flagship supplement Glitch Energy; it’s also coming in the electrolyte-fueled Glitch Hydration.

Once again, Glitch and Fourzer0seven are releasing their first-ever flavor collaboration, Froozerade, this coming Friday through with Glitch Energy priced at $44.97, and Glitch Hydration a bit lower at $34.99. There will also be a custom Fourzer0seven shaker available at $14.99, or you can get everything in one bundle with Froozerade Energy and Hydration, and the bottle for a combined and discounted $85.45.

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