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Haleo’s sports drink Game Changer now has a version without caffeine

Haleo Game Changer Non Caffeine

Hydration has become the category everyone wants to be in over the past year or so, although before it was a trend, several sports nutrition brands already had a presence, including Japan’s Haleo by way of GMCN, which is short for Game Changer. The supplement is a powder sports drink essentially, combining electrolytes for hydration, dextrose and fructose for a good dose of carbohydrates, and a moderate dose of caffeine for energy.

Haleo has just dropped a spin-off of GMCN or Game Changer, and it is pretty clear what the difference in this one is straight from the name with Game Changer Non-Caffeine. It is exactly the same supplement, featuring the same electrolytes for hydration and carbohydrates for fuel, but without any caffeine. The price of the caffeineless version is also the same as the original, but it does have a different flavor in, Pink Lemonade.

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