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Beer brand Heineken puts together a refreshing pre-workout called Pr00tein

Heineken Pr00tein Pre Workout

While many sports nutrition brands and functional food companies are putting great effort and immense creativity into their April Fools’ Day pranks, the industry has other reaching into it for their jokes. One of those April Fools participants is the beer brand Heineken, which needs no introduction or description, and it has put together what is most definitely a prank, and though it looks and sounds like protein, it is a pre-workout.

The legendary Heineken has created its first-ever supplement, introducing the pre-workout Pr00tein. As mentioned, the tub size and name had us thinking of a Heineken protein powder, which certainly would be interesting, but the brand describes it as a refreshing pre-workout. The brewing giant took the extra time to add highlights and benefits to the tub, promoting lean muscle, strength gains, and improved recovery.

Unlike most brands and companies doing something for April Fools’ Day in an effort to convince their audience as best they can, Heineken has confirmed its Pr00tein pre-workout is a prank, but again, we applaud the effort and appreciate it bringing even more awareness to pre-workouts and supplements in general.

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