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Klout and eight of its supplements are making their way out to shelves at GNC

Klout Launching A Strong Set Of Products In Gnc

Klout said it had a huge run of releases to share with the supplement industry over the last few weeks, and it showed precisely that throughout March and a bit of April, revealing and releasing several products. For those that haven’t been keeping up with all of the action at the fast-growing sports nutrition brand, it revamped PWR Off and its pre-workouts Karma and Mamba, and introduced the all-new PWR Burn and premium KAIO.

All of those fresh and new supplements from Klout are already available for purchase directly through its online store, although they’re about to go somewhere else, and that new location is of great significance. The fast-paced brand has revealed that it is about to roll out at GNC and its mountain of stores across the country, and it is bringing all of its new products in PWR Off, PWR Burn, and the pre-workouts, Karma, Mamba, and KAIO.

As well as those recently released supplements, the partnership between Klout and GNC is also going to put the stimulant-free, pump-focused product Pump Kaps on shelves, the recovery-supporting Aminos, and the rather straightforward Creatine. It’s an impressive number of supplements to have right out of the gate at GNC, and it will undoubtedly catapult the awareness around the brand and fuel its consistent rise from this past year.