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Premium KAIO goes live on Klout’s website for $10 more than Karma and Mamba

Where To Buy Klout Kaio

The rampage of the incredibly fast-growing Klout continues this week with not only the complete reveal of the premium pre-workout KAIO but you can now also get your hands on it just days after that unveiling. KAIO is sort of a blend of the brand’s two stimulant-backed pre-workouts, Karma and Mamba, bringing together critical components from the two supplements for a more advanced and premium experience in the gym.

KAIO is in stock and available for purchase starting today directly from Klout’s online store at $57 for a tub of 25 full servings, which is exactly $10 more than bottles of Karma and Mamba, and it comes with the same amount of servings. You can bring that price down by a reasonable 15% with ongoing ambassador coupons, and there are two tastes to choose from for the brand’s premium pre-workout in Psycho Serum and Cosmic Dust.

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