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‘Merica Energy is clearing out its remaining stock for $1 a can if you drive down to its headquarters

Merica Energy Officially Discontinued Announcement

If you missed the news a couple of weeks ago, the team behind the patriotic sports nutrition company ‘Merica Labz made the tough announcement that it is not moving forward with its memorable energy drink, ‘Merica Energy. The beverage made its debut back in 2018, around the same time as the original C4 Energy, which was a little before RAZE Energy came to market and not long after Christian Guzman’s Up Energy was introduced.

Doug Miller and Patrick Mabe from ‘Merica Labz as well as Core Nutritionals and Arms Race Nutrition, have put out a podcast going over some of the key reasons behind the discontinuation of ‘Merica Energy. Some of the standout points included difficulties getting into critical retailers and issues with its manufacturing facility, which was not the same as the one that did the first version and its nine delicious flavors.

We still consider the original beverage to be one of the best-tasting energy drinks to come to market with some incredibly sweet and on-point fruity options, such as Not Your Granny’s Apple, Let’s Make ‘Merica Grape Again, and some of the later extensions like Impeachment. ‘Merica Energy actually topped our list of best-tasting energy drinks for some time thanks to its first four flavors, and it only strengthened its lead as it added.

The company behind ‘Merica Labz is apparently putting a two-year stop on anything to do with ‘Merica Energy or carbonated energy drinks in general, so while the word is the product has been discontinued, there is a chance it could return. For now, stock up on the beverage while you can; in fact, if you’re willing to make the drive to the brand’s headquarters in Statesville, North Carolina, you can grab as many cans as you want for $1 each.