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Excitement continues at Project #1 with several other products about to revealed

More Drops From Project One Nutrition

Project #1 Nutrition recently released a whole new series of organic supplements made up of three products in Collagen and the equally self-explanatory superfood formulas Greens and Reds. While it wasn’t even a month ago that the still relatively young brand dropped all of those supplements, it is already turning its attention to something else, as it appears as though it has another series coming down the pipeline.

In the image above, you can see the shadowed teaser Project #1 Nutrition has dropped for something it plans on revealing or releasing in a day or so. Judging purely by what’s in the picture, it looks like we’re in for four separately-sized products, although the mystery is, we don’t know if they’re new flavors or new supplements. We’re more inclined to think we’re getting the latter, which would also be the more exciting outcome.

While the organic family of products from Project #1 Nutrition took some time to tease, build up, unveil, then launch, that’s not the case here; as mentioned, all is going to be shared tomorrow. As with any great hype campaign, we’re excited to see what the potentially four all-new supplements turn out to be, with the brand really showing its strength despite not even being a year old, hitting the market eight months ago.

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