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Newly transparent Gorilla More Protein adds two completely new flavors to its menu

More Flavors For Gorilla Mind Transparent Protein

Gorilla Mind recently reformulated and relaunched its protein powder Gorilla Mode Premium Protein, making a few tweaks here and there for a better supplement overall. Firstly, the reputable brand changed the sources of protein to a combination of whey isolate and concentrate. It also transparently doses the sources, something you rarely see with 13g from isolate and 12g from concentrate for 25g a serving and 120 calories.

The catch with the revamped version of Gorilla Mode Premium Protein was it was launched in only one flavor, and it was the predecessor’s Vanilla Ice Cream. Gorilla Mind has quickly followed up the new and improved protein powder with more tastes to choose from, although neither of these has been available before for the product. Joining Vanilla Ice Cream is a sweet Strawberry Banana and classic Cookies & Cream.

Gorilla Mind’s Strawberry Banana and Cookies & Cream Gorilla Mode Premium Protein is in stock or available for purchase for the same price as Vanilla Ice Cream at $44.99 for a tub of 30 servings. The additional options also have a similar nutrition profile with 25g of transparently dosed protein, minimal carbohydrates and fat, and 120 calories.