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Podium reveals its stackable standalone series of Beta-Alanine, Creatine and Citrulline

Podium Nutrition Solos Collection

Podium Nutrition hasn’t added to its selection of supplements at all since its debut, and by that, we mean we have seen some flavors added to a few of the items, but nothing completely new to expand the brand into other categories. In three weeks, on Monday the 15th of next month, we are finally getting some line extensions from the premium Podium, although they won’t be anywhere near as complex as its current offerings.

The Solo Collection is what Podium Nutrition plans on launching in about three weeks, which is a selection of three simple, standalone, single-ingredient products, each based around one main ingredient. The supplements are all named after their only components, with Creatine Monohydrate packing 50 servings a tub, performance-supporting Beta-Alanine with 60 servings, and the 30-serving pump-powering L-Citrulline.

To make the three Solo Collection products easier to stack, Podium Nutrition has made them unflavored for you to seamlessly mix with other supplements, such as extra beta-alanine in your pre-workout or some post-workout creatine. Once again, the brand is rolling out the series in about three weeks on Monday the 15th of May, with everything expected to be available first through its online store over at