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Primeval is doing a carnitine-based supplement in the traditional flavored liquid format

Primeval Labs Carnitine Max 3000

Primeval Labs has released many different weight loss supplements over the years, some featuring carnitine, although in those products, carnitine has been a part of a more complex formula, such as the comprehensive Hurakan featuring four different carnitines, including GlycoCarn. This year, the brand is planning to save fans some time and money, and launch a standalone or basic carnitine supplement in a traditional liquid format.

A preview has been posted by Primeval Labs, showing off the all-new and upcoming L-Carnitine Max 3000, which by the looks of things, is a standalone carnitine with maybe multiple forms or just one. Typically carnitine products that come in the form of flavored liquid have around 1.5g or 3g of carnitine a serving, and we’re guessing with the name L-Carnitine Max 3000, this one has 3g or, as per the name, 3,000mg of carnitine.

Primeval Labs is only promoting its metabolism-supporting L-Carnitine Max 3000 as coming sometime soon, with no exact launch date or rough estimate on when it’ll be available, although, with the picture above showing it off in the flesh, we can’t imagine it being too far away.

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