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Redcon1 reveals its first authentic flavor collab with the legendary cheesecake baker Junior’s

Redcon1 Juniors Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Mre Lite

At this point, there is a large amount of sports nutrition brands and lifestyle supplement companies with some sort of authentic flavor collaboration, where they partner with a famous or familiar food for a special edition taste. There are some big names that have yet to dive into that side of the industry, including Redcon1, although that is about to change as details have surfaced on its first authentic collaboration.

Redcon1 has shared an image of a flavor of MRE Lite, a proudly whey-free, blend-style protein powder, and the flavor sees the brand partner with the iconic restaurant chain Junior’s. The restaurant has been around since 1950, and one of the things it is most known for is its cheesecake, which can be found all over the country in various outlets and in a tasty selection of flavors, like Original, Cherry Crumb, and Celebration.

The upcoming authentic flavor collaboration Redcon1 has revealed is a Junior’s Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake MRE Lite, inspired by Junior’s cheesecake of the same name featuring a swirl of delicious raspberry. Despite the infusion of cheesecake flavor, the special edition flavor of MRE Lite still has a typical nutrition profile for a protein powder with 24g of protein, reasonable carbohydrates and fat, and 130 calories.

Redcon1 hasn’t said anything about when or where we’ll be seeing its first authentic flavor collaboration, whether it’s right around the corner or still a while away, but it is big news being the first of its kind from the brand. The Junior’s Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake MRE Lite also opens the door for multiple flavor collaborations with Junior’s; as mentioned, it has many different cheesecakes available, which could inspire more flavors.

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