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Scorpion gets into the business of GDAs with a blend commonly used ingredients

Scorpion Supplements Gluco Smart

Growing New Zealand brand Scorpion Supplements has been relatively busy these last few months, pumping out more products than most others in the industry, from two special edition Christmassy flavors of protein powder to the ecdysterone-powered muscle builder Elevate. The brand has followed its ecdysteroid supplement Elevate with a glucose disposal agent that brings together several commonly used ingredients.

Scorpion Supplements’ Gluco Smart rolls together berberine, alpha lipoic acid, cinnamon, and chromium, all into a two-capsule serving, although, unfortunately, it hasn’t shared the facts panel or if its transparent, so we don’t know what any of the dosages are. The goal of the product is, like most other glucose disposal agents, to help your body better utilize glucose for improved energy, strength, performance, and pumps.

The multi-benefit glucose disposal agent Gluco Smart is now in stock and available for purchase directly through Scorpion Supplements’ online store, and it is right around fellow GDA competitors at $49.99 (30.48 USD). There are 45 servings in every bottle of the product, but keep in mind what we mentioned above, in that we don’t know what any of the dosages are, which play a huge part in the value of a supplement.