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Sweden’s newcomer Swedish Powerfactory blends Cluster Dextrin and electrolytes for its 5th product

Swedish Powerfactory Cluster Dextrin

The recently released newcomer out fo Sweden, aptly named Swedish Powerfactory has added to its original selection of four sports nutrition supplements in BAMSE, EAA, the premium protein powder Whey Isolate, and Cream Of Rice. The new addition to the catalog is more along the lines of Cream Of Rice than its more advanced items like the pre-workout BAMSE and comprehensive EAA, in the carbohydrate formula Cluster Dextrin.

As per the name, Swedish Powerfactory’s Cluster Dextrin is a straightforward Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin supplement featuring the high-quality carbohydrate source along with some electrolytes. The product tips the scales at 900g a piece, and you can divide that up into however many servings works for you, whether that be 30 servings at 29g of carbs a piece or 18 servings with a mildly larger 48.5g of carbs.

Whichever way you split the latest from Swedish Powerfactory, it’s a great addition to a supplement stack, whether it be for use before your workout as a source of long-lasting fuel or thrown in your bottle as an intra-workout to support hydration and drive performance. The price of the standalone and conveniently unflavored super carbohydrate Cluster Dextrin, directly from the brand’s website, is a reasonable 299 SEK (29.06 USD).