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Limited Tidal Twist 5-Hour Energy exclusively rolling out to 7-Eleven and Speedway

Tidal Twist 5 Hour Energy

The category-leading energy shot brand 5-Hour Energy has put out a fresh new flavor for its compact and convenient energy shot, or as the brand itself says, it’s “unleashed a new tsunami of flavor”. That line will make sense when you hear the name of the tasty addition to the menu of the energizing product, although you will need to be quick, as, unlike its staple flavors like Peach Mango and Blue Raspberry, this is a limited edition.

The latest taste creation from 5-Hour Energy for its higher-powered Extra Strength 5-Hour Energy Shot — combining B vitamins, aminos, and 230mg of caffeine — is Tidal Twist, hence the comment about a “tsunami of flavor”. You also aren’t going to be able to get your hands on Tidal Twist as easily as the other flavors of the Extra Strength energy shot, as not only is it a limited launch, but it’s also exclusive to only a couple of places.

The all-new and refreshing-sounding Tidal Twist Extra Strength 5-Hour Energy Shot is exclusive to the major convenience store chains 7-Eleven and Speedway, with over 9,000 and 3,000 locations, respectively. The brand is rolling out the product this month, so be on the look out for it at your local 7-Eleven or Speedway, and if you enjoy it, stock up, as once again, it’s not intended to be around for very long or at least permanently.

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