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Apollon focuses primarily on hydration in its Ponche de Guayaba-flavored Hydration+Recovery

Apollon Nutrition Hydration Recovery

It’s extremely obvious that Apollon Nutrition has come a long way from the selection of sports nutrition supplements it had a few years ago, as its catalog now spans significantly more than the majority of its competitors. During the years that it’s won our prestigious Brand Of The Year Award, it has shown an incredible amount of diversity and moved into categories many don’t try to touch, and this week it’s doing it again with Hydration+Recovery.

The name of Apollon Nutrition’s Hydration+Recovery gives away all of its intentions, as it is indeed a supplement explicitly designed to support and improve hydration, recovery, and performance. No matter the category, the hardcore brand always brings an advanced approach to its formulations, and that does continue in Hydration+Recovery. It doesn’t stretch itself too thin by adding ingredients for related effects, primarily focusing on the goal of hydration and the benefits that come from improving that.

Apollon Nutrition Hydration Recovery Label

The main ingredients driving Hydration+Recovery are 2g of taurine, a gram each of coconut water and fructooligosaccharides, 100mg of the premium superfood blend Spectra, and sizeable half-gram dosages of the quality electrolyte sources, pink Himalayan salt and Aquamin. Apollon Nutrition shows the complete breakdown of its minerals in its facts panel, as shown above, and it’s all topped off with 50mg of the proven absorption enhancer AstraGin.

Apollon Nutrition is launching its dive into the extremely popular hydration category this coming Friday, right on Cinco de Mayo, and there is a reason behind that particular launch date. Hydration+Recovery is hitting the market in one flavor to start with Ponche de Guayaba, based on the traditional Mexican tropical guava beverage of the same name, and with its mostly hydration-focused formula, the supplement costs a lot less than some of its comprehensive, wide-spread products at $34.95 for a tub of 30 servings.