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Original Mastermind is back with all of the same focus-fueling ingredients and dosages

Apollos Hegemony Mastermind Return

Mastermind is one of Apollos Hegemony’s reputable supplements, originally packed with an extensive selection of reliable ingredients and solid dosages, all to provide uplifting energy and drive enhanced mental focus. Last year, we got a sequel to the highly-effective nootropic product in Mastermind V2, which not only changed up the formula — although still built for energy and focus — but it moved to capsules instead of powder.

While Mastermind V2 is still very much available for purchase in Apollos Hegemony’s home country of Poland as well as surrounding countries in the continent of Europe, the brand has decided to bring back its past Mastermind supplement. Now available once again in the region from Apollos is the very first iteration of Mastermind featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages for fans that missed that precise experience.

Apollos Hegemony Mastermind Powder Return Label

Apollos Hegemony has indeed resurrected its original Mastermind from top to bottom, including a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, 600mg of alpha-GPC, 150mg of bacopa, 200mg of caffeine, half a gram of lion’s mane, and so much more. As mentioned, the latest nootropic from the brand is identical in formula to the previously discontinued product, providing the same high-powered blend of energy, mental focus, and cognition.

The returning flavored Mastermind is already once again in stock and available for purchase from Apollos Hegemony’s primary retailer in Europe, Muscle Zone, and the price of the flavored nootropic is exactly the same as the sequel, Mastermind V2, in capsules. That cost is zł 149 (35.86 USD), and you get the more traditional 30 servings per tub, which was not the case with the first flavored Mastermind sitting at 28 servings.