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Barcode debuts its Malibu Punch flavor featuring hints of pineapple and coconut

Barcode Malibu Punch

Barcode’s flagship product is a rather unique approach to the growing world of sports drinks, featuring an array of electrolytes to support hydration and, to make it that little bit different; it has the adaptogen and multi-benefit ashwagandha. The brand puts all of that alongside shiitake mushroom extract and a variety of vitamins into a tasty, low-sugar, and low-carbohydrate beverage that is now available in five different flavor options.

Until this month, there were only four flavors on the menu of the Barcode beverage, all fruity and refreshing in Lemon Lime, Watermelon, grape-themed Pinot Noir, and Black Cherry. Joining the family for May is Malibu Punch, a fruity cocktail combining the tastes of orange, apple, coconut, and pineapple. The product is already in stock and available for purchase directly through the brand’s online store at its usual $38 for a case of 12.

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