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Last year’s 4th Of July Ice Pop flavor is back for good for BioSteel’s Hydration Mix

Biosteel Brings Back Ice Pop Hydration Mix

For the 4th Of July last year, the popular and widely available hydration company BioSteel released what it calls a Flash Flavor, which is basically a flavor that’s only available for a limited time, for its flagship product, Hydration Mix. The temporary taste the brand introduced was fitting for the occasion in a red, white, and blue Bomb Pop-inspired Ice Pop, featuring all of the supplement’s usual highlights of electrolytes, Aquamin minerals, glutamine, and some BCAAs.

If you’re a fan of BioSteel that maybe missed out on the limited availability of Ice Pop Hydration Mix, or even if you got your hands on it and enjoyed it that much, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s back. The sports nutrition company has resurrected the flavor in all of its original glory, featuring the same taste, ingredients, and dosages. There is a slight change, but it’s a positive one in that Ice Pop has returned for good, with the now ongoing option already available at

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