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Quarterfinals leaders maintain their positions with one day left to vote in Clash Of The Cans

Clash Of The Cans 2023 Quarter Second Update

As promised, we have put together a second live update or current standings report for the quarterfinals round of this year’s Clash Of The Cans, powered by Dynamine. Last time we checked in, we had a nice balance of energy drinks currently leading their respective groups. It included a combination of newcomers, products that have hit the market within the last year, and some more legacy, with several years under their belt.

Interestingly, while the votes have increased, getting to the heights of 10s of 1,000s, and those trailing have shifted around a bit; the leaders of the four groups in Clash Of The Cans are still exactly the same. Monster Ultra has a substantial gap on Celsius, 3D Energy, and GRIZZLY, and C4 Energy is in an incredibly tight battle with Bucked Up, followed by RAZE and Slayer.

In the other two groups of the quarterfinals of the Dynamine-powered Clash Of The Cans, Chris Bumstead’s still young but clearly popular Bum Energy is out in front of Ghost Energy, Reign, and Red Bull. Then, lastly, we have another young energy drink in RYSE Fuel, with gaming brand G Fuel’s energy drink not far behind, followed by Redcon1 Energy and Oktane Energy.

With a little more than a day to vote, as the polls close at midnight tomorrow, there is not a lot of time left for fans, followers, and brands to head to and get in their votes to change the current standings. Whatever energy drinks come out on top of their respective, the semifinals of Clash Of The Cans are kicking off this Monday, where we split the remaining four into pairs and have them battle it out one on one.

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