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Creamy Coconut Dream comes to Wispy’s recently released protein bar

Coconut Dream Wispy Protein Abr

Wispy Nutrition is a house brand from the Danish retailer Muscle House, and after its debut and introduction of a whey-based protein powder and low-calorie sauce, it came out with a protein snack in the Wispy Protein Bar. It is a crispy-covered bar format product providing a respectable 18 to 19g of protein and absolutely no added sugar, and it initially came to market in two flavors with Milky Dream and Toffee Caramel.

The last update we shared from Muscle House’s Wispy Nutrition was actually about the launch of the Wispy Protein Bar, and now three months later, the latest development from the company is another flavor for that same product. The retailer and brand has pushed the protein snack’s selection up to a total of three, welcoming a sweet and creamy Coconut Dream featuring a core coconut taste and covered in milk chocolate.

The nutrition profile of the Coconut Dream Wispy Protein Bar is a bit lighter in protein at 16g each alongside 19g of carbohydrates with only 1.6g of that sugar, 7g of fat, and 219 calories. The brand has, of course, debuted its third flavor of the protein bar through Muscle House’s online store, where you can get a single bar at DKK 25 (3.70 USD) or a box of 12 for a significantly more cost-effective, DKK 189 (27.94 USD).