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Cutler helps its superfood formaul stand out by enhancing it with KSM-66 ashwagandha

Cutler Nutrition Recovery Greens

The last completely new supplement we saw from legendary Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler and his brand Cutler Nutrition was the high-powered spin-off of their stimulant pre-workout Prevail with Prevail Rush. The brand from the four-time Olympia champion has returned this month to launch its first entirely new supplement since Prevail Rush, and it does belong to a very different category in the superfood cocktail, Recovery Greens.

Jay Cutler and Cutler Nutrition’s Recovery Greens is a packed-out superfood product, and there is a reason as to why it has “recovery” attached to its name. First and foremost, the latest supplement from the legendary bodybuilder and his brand is filled with fruits and veggies for general health and wellness, including the likes of spinach leaf, kale and chlorella powder, barley and wheat grass powder, acerola, blueberry, and broccoli sprout.

Cutler Nutrition Recovery Greens Label

Where the recovery portion comes into play is Cutler Nutrition has thrown 300mg of proven KSM-66 ashwagandha into Recovery Greens, an ingredient known for its ability to enhance performance, recovery, hormone health, mood, and more. There are plenty of superfood products on the market, but Jay Cutler and his brand are looking to stand out in the crowd, not only with its solid selection of superfoods but also the infusion of KSM-66.

As with most new releases these days in sports nutrition, functional food, and energy drinks, Cutler Nutrition has made its latest innovation available for purchase first through its website. Directly from the brand, a tub of 30 servings of Recovery Greens will cost you $44.99 in the one Tropical flavor to start, although there will undoubtedly be more options later down the road if the KSM-66-enhanced supplement gets a great reception.