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Evogen adds a daily essential fish oil formula to its extensive selection

Evogen Omega

Not every supplement a premium sports nutrition brand adds to their lineup is complex, although those do tend to be the more interesting expansions, especially in key categories like pre-workouts. Hany Rambod’s reputable Evogen is almost always rolling out products with robust, well-put-together formulas, like its recently released liver health supplement Liver Longer, although this week, it has got something a bit more basic.

Evogen has added an omega-3 fatty acid product to its catalog by the name of Omega, and it is one of the more concentrated supplements in the area, packing a gram of fish oil per softgel, breaking down to 400mg of EPA and 300mg of DHA to support inflammation and heart health. The brand also promises no fishy smell with Omega and its 90 softgels per bottle, which is a small but always appreciated additional feature.

Directly from Evogen’s online store, Omega will cost you $34.99 for that bottle of 90 softgels, or 30 three softgel servings packing 3g of fish oil each, and ambassador coupons get you the usual 10% discount to $31.50.

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