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Premium Isoject protein powder gets its first dedicated peanut butter flavor

Evogen Peanut Butter Cookie Isoject

Isoject is one of Evogen’s star supplements, being a premium and lean protein powder, powered by fast-absorbing whey isolate to provide the usual 25g of protein per serving and around 120 calories. Being one of the brand’s flagship products, it’s no surprise it is not short on flavors, with well over ten to choose from, in a mix of classics like Chocolate and Vanilla Bean, and some not-so-common creations like Vanilla Cold Coffee Brew and Banana Nut Bread.

Despite the many options already available for Evogen’s Isoject protein powder, it is getting yet another one this week, and it’s somewhat of a traditional taste in Peanut Butter Cookie, which is surprisingly the supplement’s first dedicated peanut butter experience. Fans and followers of the brand can head directly to to get their hands on the product as soon as possible, where tubs of Isoject will cost a reasonable $54.95.

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