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Recovery-enhancing Dynagenix helps separate GNC’s Amplified Hydration from the competition

Gnc Amp Amplified Hydration

The retailer GNC and its own line of sports nutrition products in GNC AMP, has followed the growing trend of hydration supplements and introduced Amplified Hydration. Over the past year or two, we’ve seen several reputable brands throw their hat into the ring of dedicated hydration products, including the likes of Ghost, Redcon1, Xtend, Tonificare, and the two-time Brand Of The Year Apollon Nutrition, with GNC AMP being the latest.

Amplified Hydration from GNC AMP is quite an interesting approach to hydration, as while it does contain electrolytes like almost all of the competitors in the category, it has something else in the mix to help separate it. The supplement describes its formula as Smart Hydration, starting with a selection of vitamins and electrolytes for the primary goal of better hydration and performance.

Gnc Amp Amplified Hydration Label

The next step in the “Smart Hydration” approach in GNC AMP’s Amplified Hydration is the added recovery component Dynagenix, a premium boswellia extract backed by clinical studies and included for its ability to reduce soreness and increase recovery. Lastly, the retailer and brand has infused its hydration product with PreforPro prebiotic fiber and the reliable DE111 probiotic providing five billion CFUs to support digestion and gut health.

We have seen our fair share of hydration supplements, as mentioned, it’s become a trend, and the sports nutrition industry is not short on new entries into the category. With that said, GNC’s AMP brand has done a nice job with Amplified Hydration, adding a gut health and recovery twist that we haven’t seen in any others. You can get the product straight from GNC at $19.99 for ten single-serving stick packs or $34.99 for 20 in three flavors.