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Game Day Overtime coming soon to continue MAN Sports’ pre-workout legacy

Man Sports Previews Upcoming Gameday Overtime

When MAN Sports announced ex-Glaxon co-owner and past COO of Gaspari Nutrition, Sam Strange, has come on board as a partner and President, it was mentioned there are big things on the way from the long-running brand. To keep the excitement and momentum rolling, MAN Sports has passed on a piece of those plans with the first look at its upcoming entry in the well-established Game Day family, Game Day Overtime.

Game Day has been an integral part of MAN Sports’ catalog for some time, being available since we were introduced to the brand over a decade ago, and it has remained a strong player in the space. We’ve seen many iterations of the well-rounded pre-workout over the years, going through the DMAA, AMP citrate, and DMHA eras, with versions like Game Day Nootropic, mainstream Game Day Sport, and Game Day Fully Loaded.

The upcoming Game Day Overtime can be seen in the picture above, and all that we really know is it’s aiming for a similarly balanced experience to past Game Days, with 20 full servings a tub, and one of its flavors will be Tiger’s Blood. MAN Sports has shown it can put together category-topping formulas for its pre-workout Game Day, leaving us intrigued and excited for how the next evolution, Game Day Overtime, turns out.

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