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Discontinued ‘Merica Energy gets an online deal to match its in-person pick-up offer

Merica Energy Online Store Blowout Sale

The team behind ‘Merica Labz and the most patriotic energy drink to hit coolers, ‘Merica Energy’, recently announced it would be discontinuing the beverage and not discussing the return of the format for at least another two years. Shortly after that news broke out, the brand posted up a video sharing some reasons as to why it made the difficult decision and that fans could drive to its headquarters and purchase cans for $1 a piece.

‘Merica Energy received quite a bit of demand to offer a similar sort of deal as that $1 per can to fans and followers online, as not everyone could justify making the trip to its headquarters in Statesville, North Carolina, but would be more than happy to pay that price. To answer that, the brand has indeed gone ahead and added an offer to the ‘Merica Labz website, where it’ll cost you a heavily discounted $15 for a case of a dozen.

Keep in mind buying energy drinks from an online store does come with a hefty price tag for shipping, and it doesn’t get drastically cheaper as you order more, either. Regardless of that, if you’re a fan of the ‘Merica Energy drink, covered in red, white, and blue, it’s a great opportunity, as once all of the stock has been depleted of the beverage, that is it for the foreseeable future.